The Sad Saga of the Yes Man – Dating After 40

The Sad Saga of the Yes Man – Dating After 40

The Yes Man

This past weekend, I’d run into an old roommate, and his new fiance at a lounge. She bossed him around as she held court with her gal pals. The women cooed over the huge rock on her finger, yet nobody seemed to give notice of the groom to be, save for when his future wife needed a refill. “I’m lucky to have her”, he whispered, as not to speak over their animated conversation. Beneath his silent gratitude, I detected the quiet desperation that Thoreau wrote about. Sadly, his song would be buried along with his heart.

Did I feel sorry for him? Did I harbor disdain for her? Not in the least. He was 43 years old. Yes Man was walking in with both eyes open. He’d been married before. It ended poorly for all involved unfortunately.

The First Marriage

His ex and mother in law had browbeaten him into the marriage. They declared him perfect! He was well-mannered, stylish, and most importantly he followed her orders to a tee. She had it all planned right from the start.

He wanted to live downtown, but they bought a house in the Suburbs. He wanted to park his classic truck in the garage. She had it converted into a horse stable. They didn’t own a horse. After the stable was finished, she purchased the horse . She said, his old truck was too ugly to be parked in front of their perfect home. So he sold of his pride and joy and bought an appropriately soulless SUV. The entire place was gutted and retrofitted with new tile, flooring, fixtures, and of course let’s not forget Mr. Ed with all his grooming supplies. Her mother helped select the finest furnishings from the best shops. J Crew had nothing on this set up.

So what went wrong?

The cold hard version of truth is cash, or too much credit and not enough greenbacks. With the vast expanse of her broad imagination working overtime, she dialed her sights on a future of glossy magazine perfection. With one’s head in the clouds, it’s easy to lose sight of the bottom line and present obligations.

He, however, knew precisely what time it was. He’d whined to me about it several times. Why didn’t he say anything about his financial concerns or even stand up for himself and his own desires? The answer is even shorter and colder than money. Fear.

He trembled every time his mother in law would turn up unannounced to give marching orders. If his wife raised her voice he’d break eye contact and cast his eyes downward. His personal qualities the pair of women had declared as perfect were exceptional qualities for a dog, but truly shitty ones for a man.

The truth is my old roomy didn’t have a hair on his ass when it came to women. He once ran from our elderly land lady. We were having a laugh with some friends out in front of our apartment building. Apparently the noise was too much for the octogenarian. She emerged from her apartment howling with anger. He bolted away from her like she had a gun.

Speak Up and Be Clear

He was afraid to speak for himself in the marriage. He allowed himself to be dumped head long into a huge financial mess right from the start. Thankfully the bloodletting ended in about a year.

After his first divorce, he busted his butt trying to rebuild a life for himself. He spent several months sleeping on couches of mutual friends. Soon after, he filed bankruptcy. He worked hard and saved some money, and even found a new job. He was 7 years older, when he was done, and not much wiser.

Sadly, his desire to impress women with shiny objects and fawning attention seemed to have only increased with age. My guess is that he’d become desperate to find a suitable life partner. He put all of his efforts into impressing them and their friends with his agreeableness, and his lightning fast ability to pickup the tab.

In that time, he’d made no effort to evaluate, and build, his own sense of self-worth. He had financial credit, but no grounding understanding of his personal currency. He imagines that all value exists outside of himself. To live this way, is to live in fear – an emotional black hole. He and I had discussed many of these issues in the past. He didn’t care about any of it. It had always been about the smoke and mirrors.

Cosmo Perfection

In a way I felt sorry for the new fiance as she smugly basked in the attention of her girlfriends. Like so many career women she’d blue printed her future based on Cosmo’s idea of what life should be. She longed for the power player career, a devilish Prada wardrobe, the Architectural Digest pad, and the 2.5 kids. And no one will stand in her way of getting it.

Instead of a man with his own life path, and the balls to back it up, she carefully selects a pliable man who’ll easily bend to her every whim. She rapaciously hand-picked a guy who’ll support her not from a place of strength, but out of fear of her campaign of shock and awe if he doesn’t.

Eventually, she’ll realize the truth. She’s married to a boring spineless Stepford husband. This truth, will hit her like a ton of Louis Vuitton handbags, falling from the sky. Women loathe these men, but they rarely speak their true feelings in public. If she’s young enough she’ll get out, hopefully with some wisdom for the future. If she wakes up and believes that she’s too old, by society’s standard, to attract a new mate, she’ll likely stay in and have an affair every now and then to remind her that she’s still alive.

Sexual Polarity

The misguided idea that with equality the sexes should become a homogeneous mix has met with terrible results. Whiny borderline effeminate men who desperately seek female approval are popping up by the millions. Hundreds of Pick Up gurus have set up shop, teaching those willing to shell out thousands of dollars, how to get laid. These marketers have dressed these sheep in ill-fitting wolf costumes. Some of the coaches are barely out of high school and have never actually had sex with a woman. What could a 20-year-old virgin teach a grown man about women? Nothing really. They’ve learned to parrot a dogma and do not understand why what they’re teaching actually works. No change takes place only more mindless parroting. Some of these men trick unsuspecting women at the local watering hole into bed before they figure out the sexual con game being played – once in a while.

The key to sexual attraction, is polarity. A woman loves a man with some swagger in his step. He knows his own mind. A man who stands up for himself, and speaks openly, without looking for the approval of others will always attract more female attention than a man who tells people what they want to hear lest he offend someone. This is the worse kind of disconnection. It’s a lie, told out of fear, in the hopes of being accepted.

Confidence and Trust

A good woman wants more than a yes man. She desires the man who has an abundance mentality. There are plenty of women in the world and he knows it. He won’t compromise himself by pretending to be something that he’s not. This especially goes for men in their 40’s and 50’s. For whatever reason, you find yourself back in the dating game at a particular age, never apologize for it. Own it! Many women find older men super sexy. If you express yourself with integrity, and take good care of yourself, it’s yours to lose. Women can see it. You’ll stand out as a man in a room full of boys. She can see that you’re connected to your heart, mind, and balls.

A man who can’t be pushed around, is trusted by women. He’s good for the relationship not because he blindly goes along with her agenda, but because he challenges her opinions and ideas. He keeps an eye on what’s best for them and their relationship. This man introduces her to his full life thus expanding hers. He maintains his integrity in all of his affairs and thus gains her respect. These relationships are fraught with polarization and sexual tension. It is not easy to be at the center of a relationship with two strong personalities. Some become very uncomfortable when they’re at their edge and withdraw. They cheat themselves and their partner of all the juice that is available.

Sexual Tension

What type of juice do I mean? I already mentioned the growth available to her. However when I think back on the most significant changes that happened in my own life they always coincided with a relationship with a compelling woman. Women have been the source of inspiration for countless achievements by men throughout history. We wouldn’t be here if Columbus hadn’t given Isabella a good turn. After which, she gave up the loot and the three ships. Sexual tension is the energetic source of life itself. A Tantra teacher once told me that sexual energy is the source of our power. I have come to believe this is true. Don’t run from it. Learn to sit with that tension. A good woman will always test a man. Her heady emotional state is the catalyst for growth.  Bring her back down to Earth.

Living with intense sexual energy and tension in a relationship, at times, can be volatile. Many emotions can come up for you both. Some men will want to go back to their old “yes man” ways. In these intense moments, the desire to go along, to get along is strong. Remember this, if you break the tension you cut the juice.

Ground Control to Major Pleasure

Grounding her from her whirlwind of emotions is what she sometimes needs from you. It’s not uncommon for today’s woman to be earning more than many men. She doesn’t need your pay check. She needs your strength. One of the most powerful ways to soothe her is through sex. Pleasure is the prescription. Making the biggest female corporate raider quiver with desire, puts you in a special club, regardless of social status or career . Her orgasm is the great equalizer. If you’re too much in awe and are tentative around her you’ll never give her the experience she desires. At some point every woman wants a man who is capable of tearing her panties off, throwing her on the bed and gives her what she desires. You’ll never be that man if you put her on a high pedestal. It’s hard for a mere earthling to even reach that high much less whisper dirty words in her ear while you’re giving her what she so richly deserves.

Go for what I want in life. Make a few waves, and let the chips fall where they may. It feels good to ask for exactly what you want and desire without apology. Trust me on this.  Remember, avoiding the discomfort of not being liked by everyone does not earn you any respect. The choice is available to you every morning you arise.

Successfully Using Cannabis to Reduce Inhibitions and Enhance Sexual Pleasure

Successfully Using Cannabis to Reduce Inhibitions and Enhance Sexual Pleasure


What this podcast is about:

Successfully Using Cannabis to Reduce Inhibitions and Enhance Sexual Pleasure

Does cannabis enhance the sexual experience by reducing inhibitions, and increasing intimate pleasure? Canna-sexual expert, Ashley Manta gives the 411 on this topic. Plus, get some sex tips, and learn about her upcoming workshops in Los Angeles celebrating sexual self acceptance – and weed.

Successfully Using Cannabis to Reduce Inhibitions and Enhance Sexual Pleasure

Ashley Manta Sexuality Educator, Coach

Ashley Manta likes to talk about sex—a lot. It’s not taboo for her. You know what’s else isn’t taboo for her? Cannabis. In fact, this bubbly buxom blonde has become a sought-after authority on mindfully combining sex and cannabis as part of her CannaSexual™ brand. As a professional sex educator, writercoach, and facilitator, Ashley helps people navigate these topics to make sure they are interacting, loving, and feeling their best in and out of the bedroom. By creating a safe space for people to feel and be heard, Ashley works on softening the restrictive boundaries holding clients back from being their best selves—and doing so in a way that makes people incredibly comfortable.

~From Ashley Manta’s website

What you’ll learn:

  • Is Cannabis useful for sex?
  • Should people be wary of using Cannabis?
  • For what else is Cannabis useful?
  • Tips on loving yourself and using cannabis for relaxation and pleasure.
  • Working with Ashley and booking her for your own events.









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Is Your Fantasy “Weird”? – Should You Try It Anyway?

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Episode #5: Is your fantasy “weird”? Should you try it anyway?

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The big changes such as, divorce, changing cities, or a relationship that is going cold, that drop into our lives like a dive bomber, can sometimes inspire us to make a change for the better. Sexual desires get distorted and repressed in our society. Something like a divorce can be the inspiration to seek out and explore those hidden desires from the shadows.


  Transpersonal Psychologist, Galen Fous

Galen Fous is a Transpersonal Psychologist, sex researcher, a kink sex educator. For the past 17 years, Galen has been helping people express their sexuality in an honest healthy and shame free way. Galen advocates for honesty and transparency in expressing our desires, negotiating consent, and boundaries.

What You’ll Learn:

  1. What are sexual fantasies, and from where do they come?
  2. Is my fantasy “weird”?
  3. What if I’m actually pretty kinky? What next?
  4. How to introduce your fantasies and kinks to sex partners – new and longstanding.
  5. Avoiding an erotic mismatch.
  6. Finding a community, to play in, that supports you, and resources for education.


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  Luke Benjamin Thomas or as he’s known by friends and ninjas LBT, created  his website back in 2012 to help people get started with their online business. He teaches digital nomads how to take their businesses to the next level so they can continue traveling and kicking ass in online business. 

What You’ll Learn in this Podcast

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  3. Why is it particularly good for people approaching 40 or over to consider this as an alternative to staying in a more traditional 9 to 5 structured work environment?
  4. What are the major benefits of opening a new chapter in life as a digital warrior or as a location independent person?
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  7. Tips for those who have the travel bug and want to explore becoming location independent or a digital nomad.



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Kill Your Heroes – Fitness Beyond 40

Kill Your Heroes – Fitness Beyond 40

All pumped to get fit after March Madness? Maybe you watched all the Nike, and Gatorade ads and somehow saw yourself sprinting and power-lifting your way into that cool new bathing suit. Do you feel ready to get into the gym way and get shredded for the summer? Awesome! There’s nothing better than riding a wave of inspiration. You never know how far it will take you. You’re going to push yourself to the max every single day until you reach your fitness goals. Before you get pumping and running, read this first, and get ready to take your fitness beyond 40.

Who hasn’t wanted to be like Mike, at one time or another? The music, the triumph, the fist pumping, what a great athlete to inspire you. Right? If he can do it, why can’t you? Between watching Oregon and North Carolina going at it to the bitter end, and the Michael Jordan theme playing in your head, you’re officially inspired. Hurray! Nothing will stop you. Maybe you haven’t exercised in months, but you’re inspired. You set your alarm clock for 5 AM. Hell or high water, you’re going on a 5 mile run before work.

The next morning, your alarm goes off. Ding – ding! Lebron James has got nothing on you. You’ve been inspired by your heroes to be just like them! If you’re not too out of shape, maybe you survive your 5 mile run the first day. If you’re not too sore the following day, you hit it again. You keep pushing yourself to the max despite soreness, and time constraints of an ambitious workout regimen to an already busy schedule. If you haven’t injured yourself from overexertion, like many people, your life may get in the way. Hitting it hard everyday, like a pro athlete, for a heavy duty workout could take a big chunk out of your schedule. Events and obligations can stand in the way, and eventually you lose your steam. No more running , with the theme playing in your ears. No more inspiration. No more bathing suit. All your left with his a feeling of failure. Sound familiar?

Inspiring advertising starring your favorite sports figures can set you up to fail

First of all, it’s not your fault. All those Nike, and Gatorade commercials with your favorite heroes are designed to do one thing – inspire you. Inspire you to do what? Buy a ton of shit that you don’t need in order to be healthy and look good, of course. By some estimates sporting gear like running shoes, sports drinks, and workout apparel earned 65 billion dollars in 2015. That does not include bicycles and fishing boats, etc. That’s another 30 billion dollars. When this amount of dollars are at stake you can bet that there will be a lot of clever advertising directed at you ; the consumer. The whole idea of this advertising is to make you feel like you’re a loser unless you buy whatever they’re selling. Don’t play the advertiser’s game. It’s great to be inspired. It’s even greater to be smart at your efforts toward your fitness goals. Here are a few tips designed to keep you focused on your fitness goals after 40.

Start with you

No matter how high you aspire to reach with your fitness goals, always begin with where you are at the moment. If you haven’t worked out in a while, start slow. If you were a star athlete in college, and you haven’t been consistent regarding your exercise routine, then address your current position. Don’t let your ego stand in the way of success. Begin again. Warm up your joints and take it slow. Injuries after 40 can be much more serious than you imagine. Pros can take several months off for surgeries and physical therapy with the best doctors and trainers in the world. You on the other hand have to go to work tomorrow. Can you take time off from work for orthopedic surgery and recovery time? Probably not.

No doubt you’ve got some time limitations. Work, family, maybe a business on the side – it doesn’t make a difference. Don’t think you need several hours a day to get into great shape. With a little planning, you can always find enough time to do some training. You can’t afford not to make the time. Why? Because if you don’t make time to exercise then you’d better get ready to get old before your time. How does that sound? Don’t worry, you can reach your fitness goals without busting your ass, or breaking the bank, and all within a short time expenditure everyday. What’s the secret?

Consistency over Intensity

Professional athletes do very intense workouts because they have to do it. It’s their job, and they are well paid to put in the many hours on the track, in the gym, and at the arena. You’ve always got time during the day to boost your metabolism for at least 20 minutes 5 to 6 days a week. At the moment, if you can do only one push up then get up every morning and do your push up. Soon you’ll be doing two. Then two turns into five. Five turns into twenty. Those push ups are your personal Be Like Mike moments. Before you know it you’ll be cranking out push ups, body weight squats, and pull ups like a champ. Remember consistency beats intensity. How does this work?

  1. Consistency builds strong habits. It’s a lot easier to build the habit of exercising if the workouts are quick. Short time equals less hassles. Less hassles equals less excuses. Less excuses equals a strong habit.
  2. Consistency builds momentum. When you do your twenty minute exercise routine, your body is building momentum. It’s going to start craving those push ups, and evening walks or whatever works for your present level of fitness. It will start to feel good, and when that starts to happen, you’ll begin to make more time for training.
  3. Consistent exercise burns fat. Your body has natural intelligence. After a short time of consistent daily training your body is going to start burning off some of that muffin top you’ve got going on. I’ve seen people burn themselves out on the track by being too intense and inconsistent. They never lose the weight and think that somehow they’re a “bad” person or incapable of good health. Nothing could be further from the truth.
  4. Consistent training builds a healthy mind. Studies have shown that regular exercise keeps your brain firing on all cylinders.

Keep in mind, that the best tips I can give you without knowing about your situation directly, is to start slow and be kind to yourself. If you feel silly because you think that you should be further along with your exercise routine, just remember, your goal is raise your metabolism for a short time every single day with a couple days rest. That’s it. Pushing yourself too hard is not going to help. Beating yourself up is going to help you even less.

I can go into greater detail once I get to know you. What are your fitness goals. Perhaps you’ve got particular challenges that you’ve overcome or maybe you have some great tips of your own. I’d love to hear from you contact me here: