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It’s okay to use the content from on your website – under the below stated condition.

Anyone can copy and use this work commercially. The mandatory condition is that the work must be attributed to the original author AND You must include a link to the article/page where the work appears and you must state clearly if any and all changes were made. Every image you see, videos you watch, and content you read on is published through a creative commons license. What’s a creative commons license?

Creative Commons License

As previously mentioned, our content is published under a Creative Commons License That means it can be changed and republished.

This license means that you can take our content and add it to your own website or blog. Important: You MUST credit us by:

  1. Providing a link to the original content.
  2. Clearly state if any changes were made.

Commercial use

We want magazines, newspapers, websites and blogs to reuse our content on their own platforms.

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