What this Podcast is About – Food Allergies and Healthy Sleep

Health and wellness coach, Faigy Joseph, will show you how food allergies ruin healthy sleep  and how to fix them.  In this podcast you’ll learn how your food allergies ruin your healthy sleep from health and wellness coach – Faigy Joseph. Allergies and sleep disorders are a lethal combination. Insomnia, acid re-flux, skin rashes, sleep apnea, and several other allergy related disorders are part of food allergies. All of these symptoms can ruin your sleep. In this podcast you’ll learn what you can do to fix it.


Who is Faigy Joseph?

In 2009 my guest Faigy Joseph began experiencing severe and unexplained skin rashes that were so bad they bled. Faigy traveled many miles to visit her doctors and specialists none of whom took Faigy’s health insurance. It was incredibly expensive, but she had no other choice. Faigy was desperate for a cure. The pain and inflammation were too much to bear. The illness effected all aspects of her life. After a year of taking harsh medications that sometimes made it worse. Answering the same questions by her expensive doctors. Faigy realized that she had to find her own answers. After much research and experimentation Faigy was shocked to discover that her cure was FOOD. All she needed to do was change her diet. The horrible symptoms that had plagued her for a year gradually disappeared. Today Faigy is a health and wellness coach who specializes in chronic skin and sleep disorders. She helps others get on the right track and heal themselves with natural foods and exercise instead of drugs and doctors.

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What You’ll Learn

  • How do food allergies negatively impact my sleep?

  • What foods do I eat to help me sleep better, and how to avoid the “bad” foods.

  • How to set yourself up to succeed with a better food plan and creating a better sleep routine for the best night’s sleep of you life – every night.

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