Go on a Hawaiian Spiritual adventure with Dolphins and Whales. Learn about the right way and the wrong way to approach a dolphin encounter. This week long retreat is for couples and singles.


In the this episode of the show, we’re going to explore taking a Hawaiian spiritual adventure with dolphins and whales.  This retreat is designed to inspire, refresh, and recharge yourself, by putting you in close contact with nature, dolphins, sea turtles, whales, and the rugged beauty of Hawaii, putting you back in touch with your own intuition through play. These week long retreats are for singles and couples.

Our Guest: Hannelore

Hannelore, M.S.C., M.S.H.
Is an inspirational Story Teller, Intuitive Entrepreneur, Author, Motivational Speaker, Counselor and Spiritual Life Coach. Hannelore is also the founder of Communing with Dolphins

Hannelore’s complete bio

Show Topics:

  • Logistics and physical details, such as, accommodations, what to expect, and when it all takes place.
  • Who should attend.
  • The deeper experience of communing with Spinner Dolphins, and other sea life.
  • The value of play.
  • Health Benefits.
  • Safety for you and the sea life.
  • How to prepare.
  • How to sign up for the retreat.

Retreat Photo Albums:

Individuals and couples retreats

Couples only retreats

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