He is a student of the Enneagram and Stoic Philosophy.

• He was a corporate coach while also working with ‘at risk’ teens in lockdown facilities.

He has worked in the film and television industry for over 20 years.

He has been a bartender and bouncer at exclusive clubs in LA and NYC.

About Hector

Born in the Bronx during the turbulent 1960’s, Hector learned about life the old fashioned way – through trial and error. Despite pressure to conform to the crazy streets of New York City, Hector aspired to more. He wanted to be a filmmaker and work in Hollywood. Hector was fortunate, in that, he lived walking distance from 3 different movie theaters. Those movie houses were his personal sanctuary, away from violence and drugs. It was a place where  good triumphed over evil, and the hero always won the day. Hector knew what he wanted to do with his life. He worked as a bartender and bouncer at night to fund his dream. He studied any books regarding camerawork and the art and craft of movie making.

One day this straight talking single dad jumped on a plane for Los Angeles. Hector learned, the back lots of the Hollywood entertainment industry proved just as tough as the streets of NYC. Being self taught and having no connections Hector took any jobs that he could find. He was determined to succeed in his dream. In the course of working behind the scenes for 25 years, he made many friends and a fair amount of money. He invested well and did everything that he thought he was supposed to do.

One day while working on a commercial Hector sustained a serious injury that put him out of work for 3 years. Hector was in his mid 40’s at the time. He lost all of his possessions – job, houses, money, even his beautiful girlfriend – all gone. After 25 years all he had was his desire to succeed, a lifelong love of learning and determination to improve as a human being.

He displayed his typical optimism and strong work ethic when he came back from the injury that was considered “untreatable” by doctors. He was told not to expect too much in terms of his future, due to his age. Doctors and other “experts” suggested learning to walk with a cane. Hector had other plans.

Today, he’s happier than ever and on track to greater personal success than ever before. He lost 60 lbs, and built up his body again. He dug himself out of the mountain of debt due to the injury. How did he do all of this?

Hector owes a great debt of thanks to many people and institutions that he sought out after his injury. He learned a great deal from his new friends and teachers. He applied those lessons to his life, and taught many of those lessons to others. Today Hector is determined to continue to help others who are over 40 and finding themselves in situations that despite there own best efforts and circumstances beyond their control are in need of support and new tools to help them open the next exciting chapter in their own lives.